Kurt Fischer

Kurt Fischer, Ph.D., Charles Bigelow Professor of Education at Harvard and Director of the Mind, Brain, & Education Program, studies cognitive and emotional development and learning from birth through adulthood, combining analysis of the commonalities across people with the diversity of pathways of learning and development. He has discovered a general scale that provides tools for assessing learning and development in any domain, making possible the creation of scientifically grounded standard assessments that connect to student learning. Among his discoveries are that people move through different learning pathways while at the same time they show common (universal) processes of learning and development. His research group has recently discovered that people with “disabilities” commonly have distinct talents based on alternative learning patterns rather than having brain/learning defects.

Fischer leads an international movement to connect biology and cognitive science to education. He is founding president of the International Mind, Brain, and Education Society and founding editor of the journal Mind, Brain, and
Education (Wiley/Blackwell), which received the award for Best New Journal from the Association of American Publishers.

Fischer has been visiting professor or visiting scholar at University of Geneva (Switzerland), University of Pennsylvania, University of Groningen (Netherlands), Nanjing Normal University (China), the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (Stanford), and honorary professor at East China Normal University. He is author of “Dynamic Development of Action, Thought, and Emotion” in the Handbook of Child Psychology, Human Behavior & the Developing Brain, Mind, Brain, & Education in Reading Disorders, and a dozen other books, as well as over 200 scientific articles.

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